Bull Shoals Tailwater


Bull Shoals Tailwater

The Bull Shoals Tailwater was created when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built Bull Shoals Dam in 1952. This section is the most famous, and is usually what people are referring to when they talk about the White River. Bull Shoals Lake is the largest of the reservoirs and offers roughly 90 miles of trout fishing below the dam.

Experimental stockings of rainbow trout and brown trout demonstrated exceptional survival and growth. Regular stockings of these two species began in 1955. The AGFC manages trout fisheries in the White River from Bull Shoals Dam to the Arkansas Highway 58 Bridge at Guion. 

Summer opportunities for dry fly fishing become more accessible. Caddis, terrestrials, mayflies, and sulfur flies will be the main patterns to use. Fall and Winter fishing can be spectacular for large browns; however, we highly discourage targeting spawning brown trout that are on redds. 

Prime fishing months

April - June : Caddis Hatch

July - October : Terrestrials/Hoppers

December - March : Streamer 


Bull Shoals Lake Tailwater Map

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